Wednesday, April 27

surat rasmi sebab ponteng kelas

agak-agak korang, kene terajang or maki tak kalau aku tulis surat tunjuk sebab kenapa aku tak datang kelas macam gini punya bentuk...

E 103/6, Block Zuhrah
Kolej 13, University kusut musut kehidupan
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Dr. yang berkenaan
Lecturer Quantitative Method In blogspot,
Faculty of blogspot,
University kusut musut kehidupan                                         27 April 2011

Subject: Regarding the unexpected class absence.

Dear Dr. yang berkenaan,

I was unable to attend your class on Friday 15 April, 2011 due to high fever and cold. About Class every week on Wednesday morning I was not able to attend lately because I did not wake up early. This thing happened on that day because 
I have a party the night before. I'm sorry I can not invite you because the party is for young people and bachelor group only.

I hope you can accept it and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you



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nelly said...

wah ..agak2 kena denda tak kalau bagi ? hahaha

.digital kelok said...

hahaha. mungkin ko akan di invite untuk join raja lawak setelah dimaki.hehehe. anywei, aku tinggal 1 paper~ hihi

dayahdayah said...

dr: this is unacceptable since u didnt invite me to the party :p